jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

Idle hands make for good yoga

There are times, when the hours seem to slip by slowly like a banana slug trying to cross a path, moving at an almost imperceptible pace. I do not think I have experienced boredom like this since childhood. These days, I have many more bags of tricks up my sleeve, but my surroundings dictate their feasibility. I find myself sometimes just standing there, dumbstruck, thinking, “now what?” And that’s just it; part of my job is to answer this question over and over; to make life happen. My basic needs, work, relationships, it’s up to me. I can stay in my room all day and no one will reprimand me, I won’t be fired, I am slowly learning to become skilled at a little thing called “time management.” At times this is daunting, when I am tired, I think, I can’t make it outside, it’s too much! But there are times when it is necessary to quiet the internal chatter and get out. The beauty is that in reality it takes so little just to engage in an experience. There are moments when simply opening my window creates something, climbing the hill to make a phone call or going to the store, never mind making a trip to the health post or school. Today I walked to the chacra (the fields) and sat on a grassy knoll, watching the clouds move and darken. This is when all that is there inside me is calm and clear, like a singing bowl going round and round. In this place I feel connected and joyful.