sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010


It is time...time to take that step, the step into the unknown of life, of work, of play, what will result? We just completed our first in-service training where we learn how to supplement our experiences of living in country with a refresher in current issues, potential projects, and most importantly, how to implement them in a sustainable manner. Currently, I feel a breath of fresh air in my lungs, the new motivation to begin work in the community, knowing that there are folks willing and able to collaborate with me and guide me in taking that first step...but to re-cap, I would like to talk about the phenomenon that was THANKSGIVING.
Here were the day's events (we celebrated Saturday, the 27th):
  • Friday, November 26th, prep 18 kilos of potatoes, wash 12 kilos of sweet potatoes, chop onions, celery, carrots, for stuffing, thaw two 8 kilo turkeys
  • Saturday, November 27th begin with 5 Kilometer "Turkey Trot," from Anta to Jangas, those in attendance: 16 volunteers from various regions, 10 adults and, 16 kids from Jangas, prizes were awarded
  • Food preparation continues, 8 pies (apple, pumpkin, banana pudding), stuffing, mashed potatoes (made on wood fire), broccoli, glazed carrots, green beans, apple sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, gravy, and of course two magnificently roasted turkeys which spent 5 hours in a wood fired adobe oven, gloooorious!
  • Eating time, in attendance: 16 volunteers + over thirty friends and family in the community of Jangas, enjoyment, laughter, and a dance party to top it all off (no alcohol involved)
Here, we celebrated an American tradition in the best sense, sharing with other cultures, rejoicing in our friendships, and creating a meal that astounded not only ourselves but all those involved. There were some challenges, such as no running water, some missing ingredients, but at the moment of the event nothing was missing, the warmth generated by this exchange of food and friendship filled the gap of any missing cranberry or confection. The fact that this event was spawned by a group of twenty something gringos made it that much more special. We got the support we needed, it was a community event, a Peruvian stone soup if you will. Easily, could this group of young volunteers have partied amongst themselves, Peru, being merely a backdrop for an event we all know so well, but we took that step, out into the unknown, to bring together a group of people who otherwise may never share even a glance, to share a meal, a space, a laugh, a moment never forgotten.
So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I say "Thank You," to my fellow volunteers, the people of Peru, and those two Turkeys who gave their lives for an epic event.

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