domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Ley Seca

Today is the presidential election for Peru. There are five main candidates, representing different agendas, ideas, and personalities. Truthfully, I am not very informed on the differences between these politicians, only knowing some of the details regarding what changes may be in store for this country. Interestingly, in the rural area on Ancash, the candidate with the most pull seems to be Ollanta, the rogue "socialist," who may or may not be friends with Hugo Chavez. The socio-political climate in South America has been shifting steadily towards reclaiming corrupt government systems, nationalization of industry, and greater social equity. While we have seen both successes and failures, in countries like Brazil, Venezuela, and Bolivia, the fact remains that a new human consciousness is emerging in this part of the world. The poor and disenfranchised and recognizing these changes and their potential power on the world stage.
P.S. The title of this blog refers to the law in place during the three days prior to the election: no sale or consumption of alcohol allowed.

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