martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

These are the Times

Ok, so I probably won't be posting every day, but I'll shoot for "more often." This morning it is sunny and hot, already at 8:30am. This will be a difficult transition to deal with whenever I head back to the Northwest, or any northern country for that matter. I was sad to realize that I missed the showing of the 2012 Oscars, although the other unfortunate truth is that I had hardly heard of any of the films and actors nominated. While parts of Peru are certainly and open vein to all things global and new, that channel becomes increasingly narrow out in the mountains. Plus, as in the US, you have to be paying attention. Maybe I can watch it on Youtube...
I have, however just discovered the Huffington Post website. It's a god send! Great news in a very attractive format, at least for my eyes. With this I can follow the last fighting between Romney and Santorum, Michelle Obama's Oscar dress, and fun commentaries on all interesting subjects.
As far as work, today is a "jovenes hunting" day, meaning I'll be hitting the streets to get the interest of the young people in joining a health promoters group. Plus I get a visit from my friend Beth and her pup Gulliver.
Lots to look forward to.

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