lunes, 11 de febrero de 2013

Rio de Janeiro

Rio.  Hot, steamy, crowds and costumes.  Carnaval is in the air, on the streets,-you hear and smell and see and it all makes for a sensory spectacle.  The cariocas (locals) are open and friendly, expressing with their words and movement at all times.  Carnaval is the biggest party going on right now-there are blocos of musical troups parading through the streets of all Rio´s neighborhoods.  All you have to do is join.  The costumes are inventive; sparkly and colorful-you see Superman, Snow White, fairies (of both sexes), the Flintstones, top hats, wigs, and masks, all walking down the same street.  You eat  pao con ceixo, and get frozen acai served up for an energy boost.
The beaches are teeming and the ocean is speckled with bodies riding the waves.  The sand is beatifully coral in color and gleams in the sun.  In the distance you see the famous view of the Sugar Loaf and the favela creeping up the hillside.  It´s beautiful and intense, friendly and agressive, hot weather in a cool place.
There´s nothing quite like it.

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