domingo, 13 de junio de 2010


I am here in my new home for what will be two and a half months of training. I am living with a very nice woman who is excited to cook all the favorites of Peru. My training group consists of 53 other volunteers of which 30 are ¨youth development volunteers¨ just like me. It is an interesting and dynamic group, people from all parts of the country coming here for an adventure, a work experience, and plenty of human connection. It´s quite something and so far, the Peace Corps has proven to be making many efforts for us all to have a meaningful and safe experience here in Peru. Tomorrow begins our first day of training, the facility is beatiful and located outside of Lima in Choclocayo, a small residential community. Bueno, I leave you all until next time, estoy cansada!

Bye bye:)

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sheabird21 dijo...

Congrats Elke! It sounds like you'll be at home in no time and on your way to becoming a proficient volunteer. I hope you're having the adventure/experience of a lifetime!
love from Oregon-Shay

La Loca Peregrina dijo...

AMIGA! I am looking forward to reading about your experience on this adventure. Your open mind and heart will take you far. Please keep us all posted. Love you mucho mi muffincita. Cuidate.

Elkins dijo...

Thanks for the support!