lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Poco a Poco

So I appologize to all for the lacking blog posts, I do have so many new and interesting things to tell! My access to internet has felt limited however, less so due to convenience, although this is an issue, but due to time. We are BUSY. As PCTs (Peace Corps Trainees) we do a ¨double shift¨ of language/culture learning, Tech. training as wither Youth Development Facilitators (me) or small business, then take the ever precarious ¨combi´s¨ back to our communities (mine is Yanacoto) to live the Peruvian life with our host families. This is going very well, I am learning lots of Jerga (=slang) that is useful in daily life.
A quick and entertaining annectode will come from my first weekend here...I went to my first party here in the comunidad (it was a man´s 50th b-day), there was a large horseshoe shaped circle of chairs with about 45 people around an ¨orchestra¨ playing Huayno (the traditional music of the Sierra, aka mountains), they play a very similar tune over and over, but it´s nice, with sax and horns and percussion, etc. Then they pass the beer, one glass per 15 people or so, you fill about an inch, pass the bottle to the next person, down it shake the glass on the floor in one swoop, then pass the glass. This goes on all night! These are large bottles by the way. Thenthey bring out the Pachamanca, a fire pit prepared meal of fava beans, tamale, sweet potato, reg.potato, and meat, this keepsyou fit to ¨pass the glass¨ all night long.

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