lunes, 12 de julio de 2010


As you can see, the Peace Corps likes their acronyms, here, in the title I give a small sampling...more on that later. To give some insight to my day to day this Monday was somewhat typical of a ¨training center dayUsually this means we have presentations as a whole group (all 53 of us). These have covered topics from security to genereal health, i.e. nutrition, alcohol consumption, security on site and away from our sites (when most robberies and assaults occur), maintaining safe relationships both with Peruvians and other volunteers, and strategies for staying healthy. The driving home message is !cuidate mucho! meaning, take care, lots of care, but have fun too, they are not mutually exclusive!
In our language training we learn about all the wonders and intrigues of Peru, there are many. Last week we took a trip to the national museum in Lima, there we saw amazing artifacts spanning the last 8.000 years, the Moche, Chabin, and Inca cultures created jewelry, breast plates and pottery that is absolutely astounding.
Everyday, I am impressed by the culture that surrounds this country, sometimes it is right there in a museum, but often it is in the daily life of going to a market, asking directions, or being greeted by a kid in your community. Today I say thanks to Peru!

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Eva dijo...

Elke! It looks so beautiful there. Thanks for posting photos :)