jueves, 22 de julio de 2010

Cajamarca likes Cuy

Hola Amigos! I am here in the beautiful town of Cajabamba on my one week of ¨Field Based Trainingwe are in the department of Cajamarca up in the mountains about 16 hours northeast from Lima. So far we have visited the departmental capital which has amazing ice cream and more, as well as three current volunteers sites, ranging frm small town to very small town. What marks the Sierra culture is the presence of cows, cuy (Guinnea Pig), and large hats. The air is crisp and clean, like in Oregon, but I must say, for Winter, this is paradise, fresh mornings with warm midday sun, beautiful sunsets surrounded by mountains, and cool nights.
During FBT I have been pushed, we have prepared ¨charlas¨ or short lessons in four schools with kids of different ages, mostly high school. Here, we are given an hour, sometimes more to plan activities drawing from what we´ve learned the last 5 weeks. We use dynamic activities to get a point accross, touching on topics such as healthy relationships, learning English and leadership skills. We have toured schools, municipal buildings, health posts and had several delicious meals. Yes, I finally tried The Cuy, prepared in front of our eyes, poor little things, they really are cute, but surprisingly tasty when cooked right.
There are about 15 of us in our group including 4 trainers, and we are getting to know each other better, having to work in teams, share rooms and make sure no one is suffering too bad from the bicicleta (diarrhea). Needless to say the Peace Corps experience does away with many inhibitions, you have to put yourself out there in your work (imagine being greeted with applause as you enter a classroom), and be honest with your fellow trainees, cause they are your new support system. I am beginning to feel some changes, and it´s good.
See you back in Lima in a few days!

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